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congrats Yandere Dev on 1mil subs! by Cryptic-Blades
congrats Yandere Dev on 1mil subs!

Models (sorry can't decipher each one. would take forever.):THEMMDLG / Amorix-Zero / DrasiSw /  nyehnyehnyehmeow
Background: I-See-You 1
Poses(dead): NoFoxyHere

Oliver sat watching the human base from his place in the trees. As things were rough going for him in his home in the trees, He ran off for a few hours every day. The attack of the snake people was rough; the village had lost many, many people. But Oliver had made sure, that if one parent of a child fought, the other was safely hidden.

They were on the verge of losing that fight. If his teammate and near brother hadn’t almost literally blown up, they would have all died. Nephi then had let loose a severe lightning storm that had taken the lives of every snake soldier that was there. Oliver had taken the final blow in killing the hated Bjarne Kenta. That fight left many people crippled and what they thought “Useless”. But the elders that had made those rules were now very dead. Instead new elders were put in their place, and with them, new rules. No one crippled was known as “useless”, now they found ways for them to help. “The era of acceptance” as Oliver called it, was now here. Though all had agreed to keep their presence a secret from the rest of the world, they wouldn’t be aimlessly killing innocent humans.

As Oli watched them he didn’t believe humans were at all innocent. They fought against each other and took what was someone else’s. His village and all the elves in it, were the protectors of the island, but once the first humans stepped foot onto the beaches, they knew they couldn’t kill them. With what they brought, it may as well have been a massacre.

Where one human goes, others are sure to follow. Oliver thought watching the humans calling themselves UNTIL. They came after the first human, and began to upset the balance that was on the island; taking things that once belonged to the natives.

But one human in particular caught Oliver’s eye. The man had red hair fading from the deepest red to the lightest, and built rather well. Oliver’s curiosity about this man began to grow when one human officer called him “Red Diamond.”

Oliver hadn’t realized he was staring at the man until he started making his way towards Manamals, but turning suddenly, ran into the wooded area, towards Oliver’s home.

Leaping up, Oliver ran from tree to tree keeping up with the Red Diamond. His sword bouncing off his metal leg brace as he ran. Once reaching the village, Oliver had run passed Aiden, a pure white haired elf, telling him: “get everyone quiet until I get back up here.” With a nod from him Oliver descended from a tree.

Red Diamond had stopped and was inspecting the remains of a Snake soldier. He didn’t seem to be impressed by the snake’s gear, but instead happy that it was dead.

Shaking his head, Oliver quietly and skillfully creeped up behind this human; the hood of his sleeveless shirt up to hide his ears. Drawing his sword he pointed it at the human.

“Don’t move. You’re too far into this forest and are trespassing on my people’s territory. Turn back human, I do not want to kill you.” The only words ever spoken by Oliver to any human.

“Red Diamond” didn’t seem to be happy about the sword to his back as he seemed to get very visibly angry.

Fuck… Oliver thought.

The next few seconds were a blur as Red Diamond swung around imbedding Oliver’s sword into a tree and not in his hands, soon after Oliver was on the ground and Red Diamond above him.

Never, in Oliver’s life had he been bested like that. The only person that had come close was Bjarne when he locked Oliver in his attic.

When Oliver did get up his hood fell back, his ears uncovered.

The man having moved to put him down again froze, staring at Oli’s ears. When Oli looked up his piercing blue eyes met ones beautiful red ones. To Oliver this man was attractive.

But he’s human! Probably never seen an elf in his life! And yet Oliver found himself wanting to kiss this human.

Instead of putting him down again, he let Oliver get up.

“You’re…” The man said.

“An elf. Yes.” Oliver answered.

They stared at each other for a long while before the man spoke again.

“So you’re people are elves… I didn’t know it was their territory. I thought Viper had taken over.”

“Viper? What the hell is ‘Viper’?” Oliver was actually confused.

Confused and bested. This human had more surprises than Oliver knew. Oliver didn’t like that.

“Yeah, you haven’t heard of them? But you killed one.”

The man motioned to the dead snake person’s body.

“The snake people? There was more than just one. We killed them all! Their army that came here!”

“They have several armies Mr. Elf.”

“Don’t call me that.” Oliver folded his arms.

“What should I call you?” The human was curious.

“My name!” he paused for a moment. “It’s Oliver.”

“It’s… a surprise… to meet you Oliver. You can call me Red Diamond.”

“I know you’re called Red Diamond.” Oliver stated. “But what’s your actual name?”

“My actual name?” He seemed reluctant to give it.

“Yes human you’re actual name. The one you were given, or have you forgotten it being a ‘hero of the humans’?”

Oliver guessed Red Diamond noticed that he didn’t trust him, like he didn’t trust Oliver.

“I could have said I’m ‘Poison Diamond, hero of elves’ But I didn’t. I told you my real name. I would ask you do the same.” Oliver hoped that was enough.

“Matt.” Was all he said.

“Well, Matt. What are you doing under my people’s village?”

“Under?! We’re standing UNDER a whole village?!”

Matt looked up into the trees. Of course he couldn’t see it. The elves had covered it in branches and leaves. Hiding it way up.

“Yes under. You can’t see it. It is the way it was intended. Now please… What are you doing here?”

“I was sent to hunt out the viper nest here. But it looks like I didn’t have to.”

“The snake men have been dealt with. We killed them and kicked over their nest. They will not be a problem. It is like they were never there.” Oliver was pleased with his people.

Looking around Oliver noticed it was becoming dark. And on the island, once it was sunset, the dark came fully within a minute.

“You can’t leave here now.” Oliver stated.

“Why not? You can’t keep me here.” Matt seemed to be angered by the statement.

“No… You’re right. I can’t. But I also can’t let you leave here in the dark.” Oliver removed his sword from the tree. “More dangerous things come out at night. Things that could kill anything. Even a ‘meta-human’ like you.”

Matt seemed to realize that Oliver was only trying to protect him, not kill him.

“You’ll come up to the village with me.” Oliver said. “BUT you can never tell ANYONE that we exist. And I’ll know if you do.”

Oliver had started climbing a tree. It seems Matt couldn’t give up the opportunity to see something no one else saw as he started climbing up following Oliver.

When Oliver got up he grabbed one of the twins in his group and in Elvish spoke to him.

“Valkae, Tell all it’s safe. I have a human. He will stay in my home, but tell nobody. We don’t need people trying to come and kill him in his sleep.”

And with a nod Oliver lead Matt to his home on the far end of the village. The home that he grew up in, the home that saw both his parents die.

Inside Oliver lead Matt to his old room.

“You will sleep here.” Oliver told Matt in English. “Please don’t leave without my say so. Elves in this village are still sore on the human subject and would rather see them die. If they knew I housed one they’d banish or kill me.”

“You’ve been so nice.” Matt said.

“Even a hero isn’t above the rules Matt.”

After that exchange Oliver kept the interactions with Matt to zero. Not even looking at him. Oliver knew that once Matt left the next morning he would never see him again. Thinking that keeping interactions with him to a minimum would make things easier when they said good-bye. How wrong he would be on both fronts.



The next morning Oliver did something he hadn’t done in 3 years. He made breakfast for 2 people. It may have been very early in the morning, but Oliver had woken up at this hour for 3 years; making breakfast, eating, and training his body; every single day.

Matt must have smelled that there was food being made as he walked to the kitchen from the spare room. He looked sleepy like he wasn’t use to waking up this early. But despite how he looked now, he was still very attractive to Oliver, who was growing angry with himself that he thought that.

“Morning.” Oliver said, keeping it short.

“Is it?” Matt said sleepily. “It feels like night time still…”

“It’s only 5am Matt. No one will wake up for another 3 or 4 hours. Enough time for you to be able to leave unnoticed.”

“5am!? But you look so awake!” Matt seemed surprised.

“I wake up at this time every day. And do the training my father once taught me.”

“He doesn’t train with you?”


“Why not?”

That question made Oliver stop what he was doing and just stare. He hadn’t realized that he’d done nothing for a while until Matt’s hand rested on his shoulder, his voice finally starting to come through.

“Oliver? Oliver are you alright?”

Blinking Oliver nodded.

“I’m fine.”

“Did I bring something bad up?” Matt seemed worried.

Strange… Oliver thought. He looks worried about me… Doesn’t that mean he cares?

“No. The reason my father doesn’t train with me is because he rests with my mother in the arms of death.”

Matt went silent as he sat back down at the table.

Why does he seem sad about that?

Oliver set plates of food on the table.

“Sorry it’s not much but… It’s the best I can do.”

Matt smiled. “That’s alright. I’ll eat more when I get home.”

Oliver smiled. Surprising even himself. Oliver hadn’t truly smiled for a long time. Yet he had done so, so easily in front of Matt just then. Was he truly crushing on this human? Did he really like him?

The answer was of course, yes. Inside Oliver knew he didn’t want Matt to leave. But he also knew he had to. He couldn’t keep Matt in his house like a loved prisoner.

Once breakfast was over Oliver lead Matt down the tree at the break of dawn. Light just starting to come through the trees.

“Thanks.” Matt said.

“Don’t…” Oliver said.

It was hard.

“Go. But please don’t forget us.” Me… “We can’t protect ourselves and keep hidden at the same time.” Please come back… “And here...”

Oliver handed Matt a silver leaf with a diamond in the center.

“My own crest. Just to remember us.”

Please never forget… Please don’t leave forever… Please come back to me.

In Elvish Oliver said “As the sun rises and falls, and the mother of nature guides us. Let us meet again.”

Matt stared at the Crest that was given to him and smiled.

“I don’t know what that means, but maybe we’ll see each other again.”

Oliver smiled as well.

“That’s exactly what it means.”

Matt laughed happily.

“Then we’ll see each other again.”

 With that Matt ran off. But Oliver followed in the trees.

Sitting in the same tree he saw Matt the first time, he smiled. Watching Matt look back towards the trees, seeing Oliver he smiled and waved before climbing into the jet that would take him away from this island. Oliver waved back a smile forever placed on his heart.

“We’ll meet again. One of these days Matt; And maybe then I’ll tell you…”


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